Have you ever walked in on your child who was supposedly meant to be virtually learning, giggling vigorously while scrolling through pictures and videos on Facebook & Instagram, or probably just dozing away during study time? Not such a delightful sight for a parent hoping to see their child excel academically during these uncertain times. […]

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How to Contain Disease Outbreak in Schools

We saw the strongest impact of the coronavirus outbreak in the education and aviation sector in China and the rest of the world. Schools had to close or come up with creative ways to ensure that teaching and learning continues.


How the Pareto Principle Can Improve Teaching in Your School

The Pareto principle is arguably one of the most widely applied rules in management. It states that:   20% of actions lead to 80% of results. 80% of actions lead to 20% of results.  Pause! Now let’s think about what this means in the classroom.   Only 20% of the typical teacher’s activity leads to 80% of […]


Security Situation: What Schools Should Do

The stats don’t look good. But the school must remain an ivory tower. That’s such a difficult thing to accomplish as we have to toe the lines between preparing students for the reality of the current economic and security milieu and also protecting them from it. Here are some strategies for schools to navigate these […]